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Gopher Snakes

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On our trip to buy property in July, 2000, we drove back out to look at the first lot
we considered. As we were walking around it in the late afternoon I almost stepped
on this little snake (It's a good thing I like to look down when walking to see what's
on the ground.). After I took the picture, he slowly crawled away.

[ Sonoran Gopher Snake ]

Sonoran Gopher Snake

On a hike up Glassford Hill 4/18/07, my friend and I ran across this gopher snake. Notice
how he is coiled and how he has a triangular head, similar to a viper. Gopher snakes
often flatten their head when alarmed to mimic a rattlesnake. They can also expel air
and sound like a rattler.

[ Gopher Snake ]

Gopher Snake

This gopher snake was in our neighbors' yard.

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Gopher Snake

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Photographs by WB9VGJ