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Last updated 02 JUL 2016.
My choice -- a G19.

I'm proud to be a Life Member of the NRA

First Thing to Know About Firearms

There's a common saying: "If you only have one handgun, make it a Glock." Before buying my G19, I did some investigating of various makes and models and took the advice of a friend of mine. He told me that if I was to have just one handgun, the G19 was the one to have. He had about a dozen handguns, including some rather expensive ones, but he said that when it came to concealed carry, he chose his G19. The reason? He said that when he pulled the trigger, he wanted to make sure it would go 'bang.'

After renting and shooting a G17 and G19, I decided to buy the G19. Living in Illinois at the time, but knowing I would be moving to Arizona and getting a CCW permit, I wanted a firearm that would be ideal for concealed carry as well as target shooting. Plus, the G19 just fit my hand better than the G17. I don't think one can find a better value in a handgun than a Glock. Out of the box, a Glock is ready to do what it is intended to do without modification. Glocks are extremely durable and reliable. With Glock's "Safe Action" safety system, all one has to do is draw, aim and fire. A Glock cannot fire unless the trigger is pulled, deactivating the trigger safety.

I've had my G19 for nearly seven years now and I have absolutely no regrets about my choice.

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