The Road

Created 01 JAN 2005. Updated 11 DEC 2016.

Our roads, including the main road in the subdivision, are private roads.
The only maintenance is occasional grading, when and if there is money in the road
fund. The road has two basic states: 1) dry and dusty; 2) muddy. These pictures of the
main road demonstrate the two states. This situation changed.

We formed a road district with the county in 2005. It has been a long process, but
finally, the main road is paved. They finished paving it 4/16 and are now just putting
on the finishing touches. The county now owns the road and will maintain it. The cost we
paid for the road ended up being reasonable because of the poor economy. The engineering
extimate for the three miles was $3.2 million and the winning bid, of 12 bids, was $1.6 million.
That resulted in costing us landowners considerably less than had been anticipated.
We had to pay for the road.

The last 1/2 mile of unpaved road between our subdivision and the Viewpoint subdivision
was filled in and a hard surface was put on it in the early summer of 2012. It does not meet
town road standards, but is still a private easement and the owner of Viewpoint gave written
permission for the work. The church at the entry to our subvision paid for the labor and asphalt.
The dirt for the fill was free and tailings from a nearby highway resurfacing were free, but a
contractor had to be hired to come in and put down more asphalt. The church was hopeful that
subdivision residents would donate monies sufficient to cover the expenses.

Finally, in September 2016, the final half mile in the town limits was surfaced. Yavapai County
had grant money and put down two layers of chip seal after grading and compacting the road. The
town of Prescott Valley took over ownership and we no longer have dirt/mud between us and town.

The road looking south towards Prescott Valley in its normal
dry state
The road looking south after a rain storm
[ Road south dry ] [ Road south wet ]
The road looking north in its normal dry state The road looking north after a rain storm
[ Road north dry ] [ Road north wet ]
My Ford Exporer before I bought mud flaps for it Shot from same position as above with telephoto lense to highlight
the 'lake' in the middle of the road to the north. It is about one
block long and folks have to make a very wide detour (out of the
picture to the right) to get past it.
[ Covered in mud ] [ Road north wet - lake  ]

Pavement Completed

April 2010 south looking towards town. April 2010 looking north.
[ Paved South ] [ Paved North ]
Low spot where lake formed is now a low water crossing
engineered to allow water to flow across the road.
[ Paved North ]

Road Complete -- Chip Sealed

May 2010 south looking towards town. May 2010 looking north.
[ Chip Sealed South ] [ Chip Sealed North ]
Close up view.
[ Paved North ]

Town Portion of Road Finally Complete

Before September 2016. After September 2016.
[ Dirt Half Mile ] [ Chip Sealed Half Mile ]