Ghost Town of Crown King, AZ

Crown King is known as the most remote town in Arizona. A former mining camp,
it is nestled deep in the Bradshaw Mountain Range. It is a very bumpy, dusty 29 mile ride
from Mayer to Crown King that takes 1 1/4 to 1 1/2 hours. Though remote, it is very
popular and busy most weekends with many activites. A general store, gift shop saloon/cafe
and ATV rental shop comprise the main businesses in town.

Crown King has long served as a place to live for those who want to be away from society
and as a weekend geteway for folks in the Phoenix area.

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View from road to Crown King

Main Street

Main Street

Saloon - Original from mining camp days - has been moved three times

Cemetery - hard to find, worth the effort

Weathered wooden gravesite

Wooden grave marker at gravesite above

Grave marker

Old wooden cross grave marker

Double grave